Beijng Omni-Honesty Fangyuan Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Beijing Zhong Cheng Fangyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is specialized in animal medicine research and development, production, sales and technical services in one of the new modern enterprise.

   The company is located in the Tongzhou District of Beijing Zhangjiawan town, with a total investment of 20 million yuan, covers an area of 30 acres, has a modern production workshop, and in 2007 December 18 one-time passed the Ministry of Agriculture expert group acceptance, 2013 3 March 8 successfully passed the second inspection. The company currently has terminally sterilized small volume injections, oral solutions, powder / premix / powder; solid / liquid disinfectant five production lines seven kinds of forms.


The company's strong technical force, and relying on the technical support of scientific research institutions, painstaking research and development of leading domestic level of animal health products. Meanwhile, the company advantages in management, quality control, marketing, etc., in a high standard development, production and carry out business and services.

Currently, the company has formed a relatively complete series category veterinary products, mainly poultry, pig, pet three series of products, including anti-viral medicine, antibiotics, respiratory category, parasite class, disinfectants, liquid multidimensional, of which fluorine to the United States, Amo Tai, a sense of Taikang Guangling Thailand, Thai culture clean access to the domestic customers. In addition the company also dedicated to the production of some imported vaccines vaccine dilution.

We always adhere to the close integration of scientific research and animal production demand, continue to provide safe and high quality products for livestock production, to provide users with fast and efficient service to create a good working and living environment for its employees. We adhering to the "market demand-oriented, in order to ensure food security," the purpose of the enterprise, the enterprise into a can compete with international counterparts professional veterinary enterprises for China's animal husbandry development and contribute to food safety.

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