Beijing Kang Mu Animal Health Products and Veterinary Apparatus Supply Center was founded in 1995.  It is under the auspices of China Animal Disease Control Center.  Since its inception it has devoted its efforts in many areas.  Its staff management systems have cultivated high caliber staff and introduced creative staff promotions. Through focused research and development, new animal health products and veterinary apparatus have been introduced, marketed and brought to the wider market. The development of technology services has kept pace with all new developments.

Through the efforts of all of its members, Beijing Kang Mu has become a competition enterprise that is moving nearer and nearer to a perfect group. Management capacity has increased and along with it, high quality service and growing economic strength.

Its business covers more than 29 provinces, cities and autonomous regions nationally with more than 100 varieties of product.  Our center is the main agent of Merial Animal Health Co. Ltd. The imported products include the bio-products for poultry, swine and pets, and also the medicinal treatment products. At the same time, our center also supplies animal health products that are developed and produced by ourselves. In all, the yearly sales volume is about 10 million RMB.

The Center has a philosophy of employing able staff and encouraging their personal development.  As a result it has a highly professional staff in charge of product development, management and technical service. Ninety two percent of staff have a graduate diploma, and 9 have a master’s degree. At the same time, a strengthened after-service group has been set up which is composed of well-known experts and professors from home and abroad as well as technology personnel with rich experience.

At the beginning of this new century, our center set up an animal health pharmacy plant with advanced production systems, first-class equipment and management that has achieved the authorization of GMP. GMP status was formally granted at the beginning of 2003. Products produced by our plant include more than 50 kinds of medicines used for clinical treatment, anti-parasitic treatments, disinfectants, additives, and extracts from Chinese traditional medicine etc. The breeder plant associated with our center is the base used to protect the poultry strain and make clinical tests for new products as well as the base to train our staff.

We believe confidently, through the common effort of all staff and cooperative companies, that the health and safety aspects of poultry development will be further advanced and our future will be more successful.

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