Beijing KangMu Omni-Honesty Animal Health Products Co. Ltd.

Beijing Zhongcheng animal husbandry Kang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprises, animal husbandry and veterinary Yaoxie center Beijing Kang Holdings. Founded in 2003, under the division pets, livestock division, Registration Department, Logistics Department, Finance Department, Human Resources and integrated Office and other departments.

Now has a staff of more than 70 people, including college or higher 60 people, master's degree or above 7, establish a set of product development, sales and technical training services as one of the outstanding team. Meanwhile, the company also hired well-known experts and professional and technical personnel with extensive practical experience as consultants, to ensure that provide our clients with timely, excellent service.

The company's business scope covers 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, providing dogs, cats, pigs, cattle, horses, and economic animals with more than 30 products. Wherein the exclusive agent Merial animal vaccines, pet vaccines and world-renowned Ivomec. In addition to through the national certification of GMP pharmaceutical own R & D, production and management of the market welcomed by livestock and pet prevention and therapeutic injections, sprays, rubbed, oral agents, disinfectants and other quality drugs .

We will continue to uphold the "quality first, customers first, service first" principle, continue to develop and consolidate the market. With the highest quality products, excellent technical support and a full range of services enable business scale and service levels were by leaps and bounds. To create a total win development strategy, and promote the healthy development of the industry and make due efforts!

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