On 12th May 2008, a severe 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Wenchuan, Sichuan province.  In the face of this unprecedented disaster, Kangmu’s admin department proposed a donation initiative calling upon everyone attach high attention to the quake and help the victims by donating money. On 14th May, Kangmu’s whole staffs donated 30510 RMB, and on 18th May donated 750 boxes blue-lighting disinfectant (worth 310000 RMB) that was transported to quake-hit area for the use of epidemic prevention.


Kangmu developed and manufactured the blue-lighting disinfectant on its own; it’s efficient and safe and has been accepted as the fourth-generation broad-spectrum disinfectant. The disinfectant has functions of broad-spectrum sterilization, efficiency, fast effect and with no residues, used to play an important role in the period of SARS; it can be used for a broad disinfection in the disaster area.



Kangmu staff donated money and materials to earthquake-hit area

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